Sister of Darkness



Aegypt is only the beginning...Ancient Light
Is a novel contracted to OakTara and ready for publication.
Get ready, Sister of Darkness will be available, 30 September 2014.


The Third Ancient Light Novel...


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Chapter 1 Secrets

Length of Novel:

84,115 words

Keywords and Market Focus:

Fiction, Egypt, Ancient Egypt, World War II, Tomb, Suspense, Mummy, Archeology, Mystery, Germany, France, Britain, Berlin, Hitler, Eva Braun, Goddess; will fascinate anyone interested in mystery and suspense—will appeal particularly to those who enjoy archeological historical mystery and suspense novels.

The theme of Sister of Darkness is similar to the gothic horror novel The Jewel of Seven Stars by Bram Stoker mixed with a World War Two spy novel like Above Suspicion by Helen MacInnes; it is a completely new twist on the many Egyptian and archeological historical mysteries currently in print.

Sister of Darkness is a continuation of the adventures of Paul and Leora began in Aegypt and Sister of Light.


Fiction Suspense


A pall spreads over the world with the beginning of World War II. The darkness is both a physical and spiritual miasma. Colonel Paul Bolang, a special officer in the French Alpine Corps, is assigned, with his men, to support the Allied operations against the Germans in Norway. He leaves his wife, Leora Bolang and their children Lumiére, Robert, Jacques, and Marie in sunny Hyères, France.

Paul and Leora share a secret they have never divulged to their children or to their closest friends. Leora is the incarnation of the Goddess of Light, herself reintroduced into the world from a 4000 year old tomb. Paul, her warrior, has a power beyond that of normal humans. Unfortunately, when Paul released Leora, Leora’s sister, the Goddess of Darkness, Leila was also released into the world. Leila delights in darkness and the deaths of men. 4000 years ago, Leora and Leila were displaced with the entire pantheon of the Egyptian gods when Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt. Now Leila wants revenge—revenge against the people who displaced her and revenge against the world—“that is her purpose.”

Paul is still on assignment when Germany invades France. Leora and her children barely escape the clutches of German troops through the help of Major Lyons leading a British Special Forces Team. They are shipped to Britain with only the clothes on their back. In Britain, Matilda Hastings, Tilly, rescues them, and Leora discovers she was, weeks before, invited to a royal function. How did Lyons know the Germans were coming for them? How did Tilly know to help them? Why the predestined invitation? Who knows about Leora and Paul’s secrets, and who is helping them?

Worse, the Osiris Offering Formula, a small black tablet Leila desires, lay protected and safe at the house in Hyères—now it is missing. If Leila gets her hands on the offering formula, she will be able to influence the world a hundred fold greater with her evil. Leila controls men through their own dark desires. With the offering formula, her power will increase.

As war spreads, Leora must deal with Paul’s loss, her sister’s interference in the world, the violent world around her, and finally, her daughter,
Lumiére’s strange dreams and desires. The novel, Sister of Darkness leads through the dark days of World War II from its beginning to a spiritual confrontation at its conclusion. Leora and Paul face enemies and threats throughout, yet they persevere to the bitter end—an end where they must directly confront Leila and their own daughter.

Author's reviewer’s quotes: 

Poor Lumiére.  Paul and Leora’s daughter becomes a pawn of forces she can barely understand or face.  Her choices, like ours are never what they seem and never what she truly desires.

Sister of Darkness is nonstop action and adventure.  Where else can you meet many of the major players in World War II, at dinner?

Here is a novel you can really sink your teeth into.  If you like history, it’s there.  If you like adventure, it’s there.  If you want suspense, you won’t be disappointed.

Short descriptive teasers: 

World War II plays out through the lives of the unique Leora and Paul Bolang and their children—Paul and Leora must confront and defeat the spiritual evil that undergirds the Reich’s aggression and defeat it.

Leora, the goddess of light and Paul Bolang, her warrior, must confront the greatest evil in the world; in the process they may lose their lives and souls or even worse their daughter.

Adventure and suspense vie with mystery and history in Sister of Darkness to bring forth a novel that illustrates the underbelly of spiritual evil driving Germany in World War II.

  Steps in the publication process:
  ü Contract - 1 October 2009


     Proposal with novel information and synopsis sent to publisher

         This novel was odd because the publisher requested a sequel and therefore knew it was coming.  Generally, the publisher wants information and a synopsis in their format prior to receiving the manuscript.

ü     Manuscript sent to publisher - 13 January 2009, 25 October 2009

ü     OakTara agreed to contract the Novel - 30 September 2009

ü     OakTara sent a contract - 30 September 2009

ü     Contract signed and returned - 1 October 2009

ü     Final signed contract copy returned from publisher - 19 February 2010

Cover - will move to the author page when I have an initial cover, this section and info will also move to the secrets page with a cover.

ü     Request from publisher for cover ideas - when I finish a novel, I develop a title (if I haven't already), produce the marketing information and synopsis (usually a 500 and 250 word synopsis), and work on a cover concept.  I have one in mind for this novel, but it is a take off on the original cover for Aegypt.

ü     Sent cover ideas to Publisher - 16 October 2008

ü     Publisher's recommended covers - None for Sister of Light or Sister of Darkness, but the publisher developed a cover for Ancient Light by at least 1 June.  You can see it at - 31 July 2014

ü     Final front cover development - 31 July 2014 we are in the process of the cover development.  The front cover is pretty much finalized.

     Development of cover back - we are in the process of the cover development.

     Final entire cover - we are in the process of the cover development.

     Cover spine sized for book - we are in the process of the cover development.


ü     Manuscript sent to publisher - 13 January 2009, 25 October 2009

ü     Proofs sent from publisher - 9 July 2014 (Aegypt, Sister of Light, and Sister of Darkness) with a three day deadline

ü     Proof corrections to publisher - 13 July 2014 for all three novels

     Final sent from publisher

     Final approved


     Publisher sends completed novel portfolio to press

     Publication - copies in hand


     Press release - A press release was developed prior to the publication of Ancient Light.  You can see it at


     Web presence  




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